Lagator Petar: +382 69 592 942
Petović Stefan: +382 67 526 400
Radman Strahinja: +382 67 247 793
Stojanović Nikola: +382 69 559 117
Under Development


Our idea is to make SOVA (Sophisticated Omnidirectional Visual Aid), a rotating laser sensor that would make a point cloud map which would be shown on a display in the cockpit and updated in real time. The device would enable the pilot to view a detailed map of the helicopter’s surroundings. When navigating near steep cliffs, lowering people down by rope, near trees or looking for a flat landing position, in rough and good weather conditions, the sensor would be very helpful to any pilot.

Road Conditions

Project developed for Extra TV service on 24h competition Hakaton. Its main purpose is to collect data about road conditions from Montenegrin Automobile Association (AMSCG) and display it in this TV service.
Under Development

Global Nightlife

Android application made for Ericsson application awards.

First National Android Challenge

Android application made for competion organised by Goverment of Montenegro. Still in beta testing phase.
Under Development

About Us

We are a group of young enthusiastic students from Montenegro- dedicated, full of ideas and with a strong will to succeed in our careers. Our team, consisting of four members, includes: Stojanović Nikola, Radman Strahinja, Lagator Petar and Petović Stefan. The company name originates from the legend about Greek king Midas, remembered for his ability to turn everything he touched with his hand into gold. Consequently, with a desire that our touch turns everything we program into gold, we found Midas Solutions company.